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Bumper Sticker December 16, 2009

Posted by Ken in Politics.
Comrade Obama 08 He Will Raise your Taxes But, He Won't "Punish You with A Baby."

Bumper sticker from CafePress.com

So after driving for over 25 years without a bumper sticker on my car, I broke down about two years ago and got the above bumper sticker – at the time, Sen. Obama was a candidate for the office of the President and both assertions have been reasonably proven correct. It is safe to say that since entering office this past January, President Obama has taken steps that will require most Americans to pay more in taxes, either to fund Health Care Reform, any or all of the numerous stimulus and job creation spending bills,  not to mention the bailouts and the escalation of the war in Afghanistan (increasing deployed troops by 30 thousand over the next 6 months). As for the second point, well, that statement is based on his reasoning why Abortion rights are important to him – he said that while he would teach his daughters “values and morals,” if they made a mistake he didn’t want them “punished with a baby.”

All that aside, the above bumper sticker provoked a handful of “atta boys” from passing motorists, and a couple folks had strong negative reactions to it (I could see yelling and pointing going on in a similar handful of cars over the past two years), but one reaction stands out as the ultimate example of a negative reaction, and that’s what I thought I’d share with you today. I got a full-page “letter” on the windshield of my car one day while out at lunch (about 9 months into the Obama administration):

If you have a bumper sticker like that you should & probably want a response – Keep driving your Gas Guzzler because it will “save lives” as you barrel down the road endangering those on the road around you.

You want to make a statement – trade the trash truck and send the money you save to those born and unborn you say you care about.

Did you ever think the bumper sticker defaces the American Flag?

Do you really want to be included in that fringe group spouting hate that is all in the news

The inconsistency in the morals you are seemingly professing are bizarre – save fetuses but not show any civility and grace in your disagreement with the President

Oh, where to start!

The Gas Guzzler in question is a 2008 Chevy Suburban, and when I bought it I did think about how it will save lives – the lives of my wife and children were I to be involved in an accident.

I must say I’m at a loss as to how I could give money to unborn (children, I assume), but putting that aside, by bumper sticker takes no position on babies, born or unborn – it simply reminds the reader that the (now President, then candidate) views unplanned teen pregnancies as a “punishment” – my personal views don’t enter in to it, the sticker speaks for itself, but a reasonable reader could assume I disagree with the President on that view.

As for the defacing of the American Flag, let me just point out that the American Flag has thirteen alternating red and white stripes, one for each of the original 13 colonies, and fifty five-point stars, each representing one of our fifty (not fifty-seven) states. The above flag has thirteen alternating red/white stripes, but the fifty stars have been replaced by a hammer and sickle with a single, lone outline of a five-point star – similar, but not the same, and I honestly find it no more “offensive” than American Flag underwear, shirts, bikini, etc. And about that hammer and sickle, since taking office this administration has “bailed out” and retained a controlling interest in major banks and financial institutions, two of the big three automakers, and is on track to seize control of one-sixth of the US economy when he wrests control of the American Health Care industry from citizens and the states, so I think the reference is valid.

As for the “Fringe Group”, I can only assume that somehow a bumper sticker about taxation and abortion rights leads my critic to think I was part of the so-called “Tea Bag movement” that stormed town hall meetings across the country in their questioning of proposed Health Care Reforms. What’s wrong with asking a few questions of our elected officials, I thought it was my “right to debate and disagree with any administration”?

Having espoused no morals, only drawn logical conclusions from the facts provided me by then-candidate Barrack Obama, I’m at a loss to understand the morals I am “seemingly professing” and how they are “bizarre”, though that is a neat trick – the writer projects morals on me, then is confused by them – ignoring the fact they are the product of his/her own imagination…

As for the “civility and grace” issue, well, I saw more than a few “countdown,” “a village in Texas is missing its idiot,” and other bumper stickers during the last administration, so I would ask the writer to spare me the righteous indignation and encourage him/her to try to learn to tolerate different points of view.

If you’d like to get your own copy of this provocative sticker, here’s a link to CafePress – they’re about $5/each, 10 for $40 as I write this.



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