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Promoting e-books at O’Reilly March 28, 2010

Posted by Ken in Uncategorized.

Were Tim O’Reilly to ask me, this is how I would promote printed and e-books, given the current infrastructure at O’Reilly (as I understand it, as a casual consumer of their product).

First I would take their free reader app for various devices (iPhone, android, etc.) and find a way to pre-populate it with sample chapters of each book.

Then, in each sample chapter, I’d include a link to purchase either the e-book or the printed book (or both).

If you purchase the e-book you get it right away. Nothing special.

Buy the printed book PLUS the e-book, you get it right away (maybe a free upgrade on shipping?).

BUT, buy the printed book, and you’ll het access to the full e-book version until the printed copy arrives (plus a day or two, in case you are travelling). This could be called a Now & Then purchase – you get the e-book now, then later you get the printed book.

This would get people to create e-book reader accounts (to access free sample chapters), and after trying the interface, it incentivized them to close the deal and purchase the book. It’s a win-win, and requires minimal technology (just a way to deactivate temp access to e-book titles when delivery confirmed/expected).

Any thoughts, Mr. O’Reilly?



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