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Canadian Confusion Regarding Funding Education in US April 12, 2010

Posted by Ken in Education.

I recently submitted the following to a web post discussing the funding of public schools in the United States where a Canadian named Neil suggested that the problem with American Schools is the existance of what he called “private tuition schools” and that they were somehow draining resources from our public schools. My response includes specifics from my local school district in Central NJ.

Neil Fiertel wrote: ” It is all about paying appropriate taxes for schools and by the way,getting rid of private tuition schools. If all the kids went to public schools the monies for education would be shared out and all the kids from rich or poor families would get the same education. That is how we do it here.

That’s how we do it here too. School taxes are paid by all through property taxes, there are no exemptions, deductions, or any consideration given to parents that opt out of the public school system and decide to either homeschool or send their children off to “private tuition schools.” No monies are taken out of the public schools to pay for “private tuition schools.” One thing we do have are charter schools, organized under the auspices of the state, but administered independently, and the children that attend charter schools take some amount of money from their “sending district” (the public schools they would attend, if they weren’t going to the charter school), but those funds typically are less than the fractional cost of teaching one child in the sending district.

If anything “private tuition schools” take the pressure off the local school districts – in my local school district we have over 400 students (in all grades, with all different abilities, from greater need to gifted) who are entitled to a free education but instead their parents pay to send their children to private schools. If, en masse, those parents decided to take advantage of the state-offered education, we’d need to embark on a serious construction project and hire a couple dozen teachers. Our district is spared those expenses because parents of over 400 children choose to not only pay the same school taxes as their neighbor, but they also choose to pay tuition elsewhere and keep their child out of the public schools.

Source: Education Tech News



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