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Questions for @GovChristie July 23, 2010

Posted by Ken in Politics.
I tried to send these questions to @JakeTapper at ABC News to prepare for his upcoming This Week interview with NJ Gov. Chris Christie. Since I forgot to include @JakeTapper in the tweets, I’ve posted them here and sent Jake the link – hopefully he’ll consider the followng Qs 4 @GovChristie:
  1. Q 4 @GovChristie: What one thing can Fed Gov’t change to dramatically help NJ (or most/all states)?
  2. Q 4 @GovChristie: You expected challenges to your plans for NJ when you were elected, but what were biggest suprises since taking office?
  3. Q 4 @GovChristie: You’ve lowered your predecessor’s 4% cap on local & school taxes to 2% – is this a short-term correction or long-term fix?
  4. Q 4 @GovChristie: will you realistically be able to fundamentally alter NJ tax structure during first term?
  5. Q 4 @GovChristie: You cut significant amounts of school funding in NJ; will that money ever come back to the local school districts?
  6. Q 4 @GovChristie: Some school districts in NJ get 50% or more of funding from state, not local taxpayers while other districts are almost are almost entirely self-funded (mine is 99% local-funded, http://www.hvrsd.org) – what is the right % of state funds?
  7. Q 4 @GovChristie: NJ has over 600 local school districts and each negotiates indiv. as their contracts expire, in the past the local unions have used concessions won in other districts as ‘the going rate’ and argued for parity (or more) in their  contract settlements, how will local school boards break this cycle of abuse and negotiate fair contracts under 2% ‘cap’?
  8. Q 4 @GovChristie: Some school districts are obligated by contract to pay raises to teachers next year that exceed the 2% budget cap, and since teachers salary and comp. can be over 2/3rds (or more) of school budget, how can those districts stay under cap?
  9. Q 4 @GovChristie: Since state mandates services school districts must offer students with greater needs, wouldn’t it be reasonable for  the State to assume responsibility for the costs associated with those services at a minimum?

Hope that helps Jake, and maybe Gov Christie will consider responding as well – we’ll see!



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