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Where the Truth Lies September 26, 2010

Posted by Ken in Politics.
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Rupert Murdoch on the cover of Wired Magazine, July, 2006

Wired Cover, July, 2006

I read an old Wired Magazine (14.07, July, 2006) over the past few days, and came across a posting by Lawrence Lessig (who’s intellect and knowledge I have the utmost respect for both, but I find myself disagreeing with him slightly less than half the time I read his writings. I will concede my opposition is likely based in my own ignorance of the topic under discussion, but that is where I fall frequently.). In it, while he was gushing support and admiration on former VP Al Gore & his PPT stack cum movie, he recited a quote from Richard Posner’s Catastrophe that resonates with much going on in politics today:

The challenge of man aging … catastrophic risks is receiving less attention than is lavished on social issues of far less intrinsic significance.” The reason? Attention is guided. And when the guides allow themselves to be guided, the result is less attention where it objectively matters and excessive attention only where it pays, either politically or economically. Who has time for catastrophes when there are gays who want to get married?

My point, ignore the topic du jour and focus on what’s important – avoid the side-show, focus on what really matters…



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