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Tea Party October 2, 2010

Posted by Ken in Politics.

The following is a response to the write-up in the Oct. 15th issue of Rolling Stone on the Tea Party – here it is, typos and all – enjoy!

Hey, they got POTUS, VPOTUS out doing ‘Get Out The Vote’ rallies (for those candidates that will have them) and sparked a resurgence in study/understanding the Constitution. The first is pretty sad (it boils down to ‘aw come on, give us more time’), the second can only be good (greater understanding of the Constitution can’t be bad).

What is fun to watch is how career politicians become unhinged by questions like “What gives Congress the right to require the purchase of private healthcare coverage?” The politicians aren’t used to straight-forward questions.

They rail against passing unread bills, and are called kooks.

The ‘tea party’ is not a real political party, it us a loosely-defined set of shared beliefs that candidates either agree with or not, in whole or in part.

This administration has spent 18+ months vomiting trillions of dollars on union special interests (why not scrap ‘prevailing wage’ requirements for infrastructure projects? More bang for the buck…), throwing billions at teacher benefits at the expense of Americans working overseas, defense spending and food stamps over the next ten years, and repeatedly ‘stimulating’ the economy to ‘loosen credit’, which has not yet happened, now that we are in our third, fourth stimulus package.

It’s hard to pay attention to what is going on and NOT be frustrated/mad – the tea party provides a core set of beliefs most many Americans can understand and rally around.

It will be interesting to see how many dormant non-voters of either party decide to vote this time around. The only number I’m interested in this election are a) the percentage of eligible voters that vote, and b) I want Rep. Holt to be voted out. Aside from the above, I’d like Republican control of House and Senate, remember that was the combination that led to the oft-mentioned “Clinton Surplus.” Pelosi/Reid have had 4 years controlling the legislative branch of Gov’t, they have become the failed policies of the past.



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